This is a command line utility for Windows to convert a raster image (JPEG, PNG, BMP etc) into SVG Tiny format. You can download it here.

Note that this doesn't do anything clever like converting to a Vector image, rather, it simply embeds the raster in the SVG Tiny file. This is still useful however for cases where an application requires a file in SVG Tiny format. In particular, this was written for Symbian development, which for the application icon requires the image to be in SVG Tiny format. There were the problems that (a) developers may prefer to work with raster images, and (b) unlike full SVG, the support for SVG Tiny is poor, with no free tools available to create or convert them (the Symbian SDK convertor apparently has problems with some SVG files).

Since SVG Tiny format is a subset of the full SVG format, the files produced by this program are compatible with anything that reads SVG files.

System requirements

Windows, with .NET installed (if needed, you can download it separately). Tested on Windows XP and 7.


image2svgt must be run from the command line. The arguments are:

image2svgt input_file output_file

Note that the output_file must not already exist, to avoid the risk of accidentally overwriting files - please delete it first if you want to replace it.

image2svgt supports PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF or TIFF files. Note however that the SVG Tiny specification only guarantees that the reader should support PNG and JPEG files, so a warning is printed if this is not the case. In practice, SVG Tiny implementations may support additional files (e.g., Symbian also supports at least BMP files).


image2svgt is released under the GPL. The source code is available.

Contacting me (bugs etc)

Please contact me at mark DOT harman DOT apps AT gmail DOT com .

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