Livejournal Qt

Livejournal Qt is a Livejournal client for Nokia Symbian smartphones. Features:

Note that there's still plenty of features not yet supported, but this first version should hopefully allow you to do the most important things.

Download free from the Nokia store!


Upon start up, enter your username and password. Change the server if accessing a site other than . (Future versions will allow option to save password.) Click Login, and after logging in, the program will take you to the main interface.

Type your post in the main area, with optional subject. The buttons are Post, Preview and Settings. Preview attempts to bring up a preview, though note that this only interprets standard HTML at the moment, and doesn't recognise Livejournal-specific codes (lj cut, etc). Settings brings up the settings window, with the following options:

Security - Public, Private or Friends Only. Note that filtered posts aren't yet supported.

Backdate Entry - Ticking this means that the entry won't show up in the friends pages of anyone who has you on their friends list.

Disallow comments - Prevent people from being able to reply to your entry.

Tags - An optional list of tags for your entry, separated by commas.

.sig - This text will be appended to your entry. Defaults to a link for Livejournal Qt, but you can change it to whatever you like (or make it blank). The .sig will be saved for each time you run the program.

The following menu options are also available from the main screen:

Editing Options - Sub-menu options allow cut/copy/paste/undo/redo.

New Post - Resets any filled in fields or settings. If editing a post, this also cancels the edit.

Edit Last Entry - Reads in the last entry you made. Posting this entry will then edit the existing entry on the server. Note that if editing a post with unsupported properties (current music, mood, location or picture), the property will be preserved when you submit the edit, but you won't be able to edit those properties. Also note that it is not yet possible to edit entries that were filtered.

Delete Entry - If editing an entry, this option will delete the entry from the server (after requesting confirmation).

Display Journal - Loads your journal page in your web browser.

Display Friends Page - Loads your friends page in your web browser.

Logout - Logs out, and returns you to the inital login screen.

Online help - Loads thie webpage.

About - Displays version information.


Version 1.0 (2012/02/13)

First release.

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