Vision 3 - More Screenshots

Another Quake 2 BSP file.

Another Quake 2 BSP file (no lightmaps are present on this image).

This object was loaded in from an MD2 (Quake 2 format) file. This file format defines many frames within the same file, which makes animation possible. Also note the 'text box' in the lower left corner - text can be easily outputted to this, and it is automattically wrapped. It scrolls to always display the most recently outputted text. The 'Pause' and 'Quit' buttons are in a 'FlowPanel' container, which automatically lays out its components in a row, so you don't have to worry about specifying x and y coordinates for each button individually.

Another Quake 2 model. Clicking on the 'Prev' and 'Next' buttons will switch between the different frames.

The smaller cube rotates around its own centre, and both cubes rotate around the larger cube's centre. You can also see some coloured lighting effects. In particular, there is a light which also rotates around the larger cube, keeping its position always between the two cubes.