Vision 3

Vision 3 is an open source cross-platform 3D game engine for Windows and Linux, which supports Direct3D 9 and OpenGL.


Vision 3 is used by my own projects Daleks 3D and Conquests. The latest source code for Vision 3 can be obtained by downloading one of those games (whichever release is most recent). I am not interesting in supporting Vision 3 as a standalone library (or guaranteeing API compatibility between releases), but anyone is free to make use of the code under the GPL.

Below are some screenshots - click on them to get full size.

Screenshot from a game I am working on. This shows the terrain engine along with along with water effects and cloud rendering.

Sunset effect.

Sun reflecting off waves.

Stencil shadow volumes.

The two characters and the torch are animated. Most of the objects in this room are loaded from objects in MD2 (Quake 2) format.

And again. The spider is a NeverWinter Nights model. The potion/bottle is a 2D billboard image.

From Daleks 3D. This demonstrates shadows, reflections, particle systems and explosion effects.

This is an object loaded in from a RenderWare script. JPEG Textures are also specified in the script, and are kept in the same directory.

The data for this world was loaded from a Quake 2 BSP file.

An animated object in MD2 (Quake 2) format. The viewpoint shown in the picture is such that it's always fixed above the character's head; a keypress switches between this viewpoint, and a viewpoint fixed with respect to world space.

Object imported from a 3DS file, and displayed with a 'skybox' for the background.

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